Disney Licensed Wholesale Novelty Toys Shine in 2008 Arcade Redemption Catalog

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The spotlight will be on the Disney Princess, Tinker Bell, High School Musical and the ever-popular Hannah Montana licenses. Shelley Fernadez-Katz stated, “The focus for 2008 was to select the most sought-after items in each of these categories, in order to provide our customers a complete and powerful buying source”.

Some of the items included in the Disney Princess and Tinker Bell categories are a Diary and Notepad Set, Gym Bag, Jumbo Pens, Roller Stamps and Marker Sets, and Light Up Bracelets.

The Diary and Note Pad Set contains both a 5 inch diary with a brass lock and key and a 5 inch notepad. These sets are packaged in a poly bag with a 2”x 8” header and are pegable. Each set contains images of assorted Disney Princess and Tinker Bell. The Gym Bags are made of a durable plastic with a sturdy spine. Each one measures approximately 16”x 6”x9” and contain nylon handles, as well as a shoulder strap in coordinating colors.

The jumbo pens measure a whopping 11”, and contain a large clip, as well as a retractable ball point tip. They are displayed in a clear drum containing 24 pens. The Roller Stamps and Marker Set is a carded and pegable item containing 5 colored markers with roller tips on the opposite ends of each to create a custom stamp design on your project. Each set displays various art work of Tinker Bell or the Disney Princesses. The Light Up Bracelets are laser cut works of art, with popping graphics and vibrant colors. They are carded and pegable, with “Try Me” packaging to demonstrate the rainbow colors displayed in the 4 LED’s. A winner with any Disney Princess fan!

Another item, with honorable mention, would be the Tinker Bell Mini Porcelain Tea Set. It is a carded and pegable10 piece set to include a mini porcelain teapot with lid and 4 cups with coordinating saucers. Each one displays a different pastel image of Tinker Bell in various poses. What a nice addition to any little fairy’s collection!

The wildly popular Hannah Montana and High School Musical licenses are featured categories for Bonita Marie’s 2008 lineup. Some recently added items to both categories include the Spinning TV Pens, Bubble Blast Gum, Trading Card Packs, and Jewelry Assortments.

The Spinning TV Pens are capped ball point pens in a rainbow of colors, containing either “High School Musical” or “Hannah Montana” on the stem. Each one has a square simulated TV top with antennas containing an image laden, spring loaded cylinder inside. When you push the button on the front of the TV it rotates various images of each license. They are packaged in a 36 piece display. Give it a whirl!

The Bubble Blast Gum is a round, vividly colored plastic container, packed with sugar-free bubble gum tape. Each one is showcased with a cleverly designed 3-D image on the lid. As you move it, the images changes in your hand. They are housed in a graphic display box containing 18 pieces with 6 different styles in each license. The Trading Cards are individually foil-packaged card and sticker fun packs. They each contain 4 collectable trading cards, and 3 stickers.

The High School Musical packs contain images from both of their movies. Each display box holds 24 fun packs. The Jewelry Assortments are sure to round out the vast collection of items in these categories. The assortments include trendy enamel-covered necklaces embossed with stylish images from each license, as well as chic charm bracelets containing at least 3 charms on each. They are both carded and pegable - redemption ready!

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