Cartoon Turtle Leads "nice" Movement

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"nice turtle apparel" is more than just another T-Shirt shop. They are the catalyst for a global movement to love others as yourself and treat everyone with kindness. Basically they want to encourage everyone to be nice. launched in December of 2007 and since it's conception the company has added two different shirt designs as well as web based graphics to be used free of charge on popular community websites such as MySpace and Facebook. The key product used to promote the movement is the "nice starts here" wristband. The green silicone band is debossed with the phrase "nice starts here" to remind the wearer that the "nice" movement must start with each individual.

"To provide products and services that remind everyone in the world that they ought to love their neighbor as themselves and encourage the kind of love Jesus shows" -nice turtle mission statement

With all of the busy and grumpy people you see everyday, wouldn't it be great to be the bright ray of hope that lights up someone's face. Wouldn't you like to be the one who makes someone else grin from ear to ear? That's what nice turtle is all about. In a world full of "Global-Grumpiness" nice is trying to eliminate our "Grumpy Footprint" one customer at a time. "nice turtle" is this generation's "smiley face".

"nice turtle apparel" is a proud sponsor of the 2008 Winter Jam concert series currently on tour. For more information visit The official MySpace site is and the online store is located at

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