Australian Daily Fires Back

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fri Mar 31, 9:46 PM ET - SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian newspaper has published a cartoon depicting Indonesia's president as a copulating dog, after a Jakarta paper portrayed the Australian leader in a similar manner this week.

The Australian government immediately condemned the cartoon in The Australian newspaper but said it was powerless to interfere in editorial decisions made by the country's free press.
The cartoon is likely to place further pressure on Jakarta-Canberra relations already strained over Australia's decision to grant refugee visas to 42 asylum-seekers from Indonesia's independence-minded Papua province.

The image, penned by award-winning cartoonist Bill Leak, shows President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as a tail-wagging dog mounting a startled-looking Papua dog and saying "don't take this the wrong way".

The caption under the cartoon reads "no offence intended".
It follows a front-page cartoon in Monday's edition of the Rakyat Merdeka newspaper portraying Prime Minister John Howard and his Foreign Minister Alexander Downer as copulating dingoes.

In that image, a shaking Howard is mounted on Downer with the prime minister saying: "I want Papua!! Alex! Try to make it happen."

Howard dismissed the Indonesian cartoon, although Downer described it as grotesque and "way below standards of public taste".

Downer responded to the latest cartoon by saying the Australian government in no way condoned it.

"Editors have responsibility to be mindful of the consequences of what they publish, particularly when they knowingly publish material that is likely to be found offensive in some quarters," Downer said in a statement.

"From a personal perspective, I find the cartoon tasteless and offensive and see no merit of any kind in its publication."

Indonesia has been stung by the decision of Australia's immigration department to issue three-year visas to the group of Papuans, including prominent separatists and their families, who arrived by boat in northern Australia in January.

In response, Indonesia has recalled its ambassador to Canberra, postponed an agreement on jointly fighting bird flu, and angry Indonesians have protested outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

Since the decision, Howard has repeatedly stated his support for Indonesian sovereignty over Papua, a former Dutch colony taken over by Jakarta in the 1960s. -

9 komentar:

Anonymous said...

gini ini ya tergantung orangnya. kalau memang layak dikritik ya gak boleh ngamuk. hahahahaaa...

Anonymous said...

iya. jelek ya jelek.

rio jakarta said...

tapi kartuni australianya memang ngawur. dan weblog ini lebih ngawur lagi. btw, salut dah!

busyet. ada comment tiga. isinya marah2 melulu.

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