Ben 10 Alien Force Games: What you should know

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ben 10 Alien Force Games are a series of games that are modeled after the famous American Cartoon Television series called Ben 10: Alien Force. At the very basic, Ben 10 Alien Force Game series is an action adventure game. Even though the game has been criticized by the mainstream people, it still is a great game for kids and as such, it is still making good sales.

Ben 10 Alien Force Games characters

Before playing the Ben 10 Alien Force Games series, you should know about the characters and what the game entails. The game has five main characters. These include;

Benjamin “Ben” Tennyson is the main or lead character after whom the game is named. He is a teenager with recalibrate Omnivore which allows him to right to use a new set of alien heroes.

Julie Yamagata is the girl with who Ben is in love and who; becomes the girlfriend of Ben later. She appears for the first time congratulating Ben at a soccer game in ‘Ben 10 returns’ on his success.

Gwendolyn “Gwen” Tennyson is the first cousin of Ben. She has a short temper and her heritage is alien. She is able to control pure pink energy and turn it into blasts and shields.

Maxwell “Max” Tennyson is the semi-retired member of the plumber. He has a lot of power in the quest for Ben to defeat aliens.

Kevin Ethan Levin is an arch rival with the power to absorb the features of the solid matter that he comes across.

The game
The Ben 10 Alien Force Games series is all about the ‘Ben 10’ hero Ben Tennyson. Together with his cousin Gwen and Kevin Levin who is their mutual friend, they try to capture some alien technology pieces which they believe are hidden on earth. They are also trying to unearth the truth behind the suspicious activities of Gorvan the plumber and the mystifying vanishing of Grandpa Max.

As aforementioned, the Ben 10 Alien Force Games series is very popular among kids and especially those who have been following the animated series. The most popular Ben 10 Lien Force Games are Ben 10 Game Creator, Hero Hoops, Ben 10 Action Packs, Vilgax Crash, Upgrade Space Battle, Project Exonaut, Forever Defense and Swarm Smash among others. The games series can be played online for free or bought to be played on the play station at home.

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