Yadonia to restructure ArabCartoon.net

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yadonia Group, the leading Arab group specialized in websites design and hosting, signed a strategic bilateral agreement with ArabCartoon.net for the re-design and development of it leading Arab Cartoon website.

Signed by Yadonia Group CEO Mr. Ala'a Abu Maizar and Artist Nidal Hashem, CEO ArabCartoon.net, the agreement states the Yadonia Group will re-design the website’s business module and pages to render browsing the cartoons, caricatures, news, articles, and other artistic easier and dynamic, and entertaining for artists and visitors alike.

The website will be developed in Arabic and English to offer the Arab point of view in an artistic form to global audiences, presenting the views of regional artists on international events.

Abu Maizar states: “The website’s idea caught our attention because of the importance of the arts and caricatures, and its huge impact on international public opinions, as we saw in the last few years, and also noticing the great effort put into the website by way of the wealth of data offered, in spite of its simple presentation. We at Yadonia are planning to invest our full capabilities to assist these artists, providing them with interactive services to help them interact with visitors and receive comments and feedback to enrich the value of art.

Abu Maizar says the new portal will allow users to register on the website and customize their pages, providing control features for artists to upload their drawings and exhibit them, modify their personal pages, and market their artistic work to users and publishers. It will also allow them to control their accounts, and finalize the sale of cartoons via a secure environment.
Artist Nidal Hashem states: “In the last five years, we have attracted a great number of Arab caricaturists, even though the website was not too well known due to its primitive CMS. We are seeking Yadonia to develop the largest Arabian showroom for drawings, caricatures, and artistic creations on the internet and make it easier for artists to market their work, offering them diverse publishing opportunities.”

He added: “That’s where our interest in the Yadonia Group came from, considering their distinguished services, advanced content management systems, experience, and high technical capabilities that makes it easier for us to update the website daily. "
Hashem pointed out the development phase will include all of the portal’s sections, including re-structuring its database and to special services which users can benefit from.
Yadonia Group provides services for governmental, nongovernmental, and private sector institutions, most notably in the design and development of websites and e-systems, multimedia presentations, search engine optimization, and media consultancy services online.

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