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Monday, August 11, 2008

Iseng browsing dan nemu web ini. Designnya jelek minta ampun, tapi karikatur-karikatur di dalamnya keren poll! Dan ini catatan dari editornya. Baca, bacaaa. Jangan belum baca, sudah berani bilang apa-apa (nggak nyindir siapapun lho..).

CARTOON NEWS MAGAZINE is becoming the first and only current events daily magazine to be delivered to its readers, exclusively, through personalized Internet communication. It will be sent directly to your own e-mail address, in the ultimate timely fashion, so that you can almost immediately appraise a world event within hours of its happening. Thus, we feel we can truly fulfill our obligation to you and to the subtitle of our publication ("The Current Events Educational Magazine").
The magazine that you are now looking at will be the first of its kind. Our publication, I am proud to say, has become very successful, reaching more than 600,000 readers throughout the United States. Our distributor's dry, matter-of-fact reports indicate that this magazine has sold (proportionately) even better than TIME or NEWSWEEK on the newsstands.

The last printed issue of CARTOON NEWS MAGAZINE (May-June 2001) marks the end of our fourth year of regular printed publishing. Due to the constraints and restrictions of standard printing, we could only publish the magazine once every two months - now we shall do it almost every day. You will get the evening news through your television, radio, newspaper or the Internet, and then - like thunder following lightning - you will see, on your own computer screen the next morning, the clever and educational interpretations of some of the world's finest cartoonists, reacting to those same events, helping you to put them in perspective. And the chuckle is free.

The only change in our magazine will be switching from a beautiful horse and buggy system to the Concorde. It will have the same distinguished advisory board, the same editor in chief, and the same staff of superb cartoonists - hence we have no "goodbyes" (no one to say them to) and no tears (we're simply too happy and proud!).

All you have to do is invest seven seconds of your day, $1 a month, and give us your correct e-mail address, and then: "Commemorate nos, et commemorabimini" ("Quote us, and you'll be quoted".) - T.R. Fletcher, Publisher

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